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Do you edit all your photographs? Yes I do! Every image that you receive has been hand-edited, one at a time. My editing is elegant and stays in touch with reality and good taste.  
How many pictures will we receive? The number of photographs taken depends on many factors, my average is about 100 pictures per hour.
Does your packages include a second photographer?  All packages listed are including only one photographer. Per request a second photographer can be added at extra cost to an existing package.
Can you hold our wedding date? Yes, provided I’ve received a signed contract and deposit. Due to the number of inquiries I receive and the busy nature of wedding season, I cannot hold “potential” dates, nor can I tell you if and when someone is interested in your hopeful timeslot. 
How far in advance should we book you?

Most of my clients book me a year or so in advance, while others manage with a few months. Either way, the earlier you inquire, the more likely it is that I'm available.

How do we pay?

Deposit check will be accompanied with the contract and will represent 20% of the package value. At that point your wedding day is officially on the calendar! The remainder of the balance will be due on the event day. 

Can we meet in person?

Absolutely! I live in Roseville CA and weekdays in late afternoons would work the best. We can meet at a local Starbucks and discuss your plans in detail.

What is your approach to wedding photography?

I prefer to capture moments naturally in a documentary style. I definitely provide some direction and guidance, while still keeping to documenting the genuine romantic moments.

How long does it take to receive the images?

Usually between 2-4 weeks depending if you are married in off-peak or peak wedding season.

 Do you supply wedding albums? Absolutely yes – you can view albums here.I love looking at a printed photo any day over one on a computer monitor! Photos are at their best when printed in albums or beautifully framed and hung on walls. The wedding album helps tell the story of the day through a selection of handpicked favorites.
Do I get copyright of my images? All of my collections come with the high resolution images for printing, with these you will have a shared copyright with WestCoastPicture. This means that you have the rights to reproduce your images in any way you like but WestCoastPicture still has the rights to use the images for promotional material, advertising and display etc.
What camera gear do you use? I use professional Canon DSLR bodies and lenses along with off camera flash systems.



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  • My First Wedding Photography Lesson

    I’ve loved photography my whole life. I’m that guy that takes so many pictures of his family that by the end of a vacation they threaten to leave me behind on our next trip. After giving up on taking pictures of my family and taking thousands of photos of random people, places, or just microscopic things in my backyard, I happened to find out a good friend of mine, Daniel, was a local wedding photographer. I’d taken pictures at weddings before but only as a guest and because of that, I was always worried about getting in the way of the professional photographer. What I ended up with was a lot of candid pictures of people eating in bad light.

    After I found out that Daniel was a photographer, I looked at his website and was pretty damn impressed. I realized that he was a true professional and that I wanted learn everything I could from him. Daniel is a really easygoing guy so asked him if I could come with him on his next wedding. He agreed and I met him at the venue for his next event for Alex and Lexa’s wedding in Sacramento, CA. Pictures of me helping to test the lighting shown below.

    You can see some of the pictures he and I took for my first wedding photographer lesson at

    What I learned that first day was that I had a lot to learn. Daniel has been photographing weddings for several years and I have to say that I was honestly impressed by the ease at which he managed the day, his ability to find quality light and compose a picture quickly, how well everyone responded to his personality and ridiculous jokes that made everyone laugh which made for great pictures. He taught me a few rules about not taking pictures when people have a mouth full of food, unless it’s the wedding cake, about giving the bride privacy when they needed it, and about how to take photos during a ceremony without disrupting the moment. I also learned that it’s a lot of work. After 7 hours of carrying around a heavy camera, crawling around to get the best possible shots, and trying to wrangle family members, the work is only about 1/2 of the way done. The next part, retouching every photo, can take another 7-15 hours (if you are as good as he).

    I learned these lessons and a whole lot more as we worked together on several other weddings that year before I started my own business. Today, Daniel and I share referrals when one or the other is already booked and share lessons learned about different parts of the business. Daniel been a great mentor and is a fantastic wedding photographer. One of my favorite parts of that first experience was taking pictures of the bride’s daughter taking pictures of me.


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